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Instructions on how to play the most standard Catte for beginners

 How to play Catte  How can you win quickly is a question many bettors ask when participating in this game at Nhà cái Hi88. Refer to the following article to pocket good tips from professional players. This information will help you quickly become a master in the shortest time.

Overview of information on  How to play Catte 

Catte still called how to play sharp pangolin, how to numb… depending on the region. This is an interesting game that many bettors participate in because no luck is required. Unlike many other games, Cattle needs players to have the right mindset and tactics to win.

The game will require 2 to 6 members. Next, gamers will be given 6 cards and play for 6 rounds. Many people often mistakenly think How to play Catte alikeChinese song Tien Gow. Although there are many similarities, the difference is that Catte uses Western cards, and Tien Gow uses dominoes. To win quickly, players need to be flexible to get the biggest card in the last round.

Overview of  How to play Catte 

Instructions on  How to play Catte  for beginners

Catte will have 6 rounds in all: the first 4 rounds and the last 2 rounds. You should know the rules of the game as well as how to play each round to make it easier to participate. Let’s find out How to play Catte  Details of each round are as follows.

 How to play Catte  in the first 4 rounds

To start the game, you must place a bet. In these early rounds, the members will be chosen by the dealer to play or be the winner of the previous game.

 How to play Catte  As follows: The first player to play a card, the next player must play a card of greater value or the same suit with that card. If the player does not have a larger card, the player can discard the turn by turning the card face down.

You should play your strong cards first so that the next person cannot block. If no one else can continue to block, you will have Tung to play the last 2 rounds.

At the end of the first rounds, bets that the player who has 4 cards face down will die Tung and stop the match. The only person remaining in this round will be the winner and do not need to participate in the last 2 rounds. The winner will receive the full amount of bets placed by the previous bettors. If there are 2 or more people, we go to round 5.

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Instructions on  How to play Catte  each round

 How to play Catte  round 5

The winner of the first 4 rounds will have priority to continue playing in the 5th round. They are Chung and will face down the remaining cards to keep them private. To get to round 6, the next player must draw a card greater than or of the same suit as Chung. You can face up cards for the final round to have a chance to win.

 How to play Catte  last round

In this final round, bets with face down will be compared with Chung’s card. This is called a draw round. The brothers with cards that are bigger or of the same suit as Chung will be the winners of the last game. The rest will be counted as losers.

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Tips on how to play great Catte from the masters

In addition to understanding the technique of launching the army, you need to learn the secrets left by the players at Hi88. Let’s take a look at these great Catte tips to easily win:

  • Know the rules of the game: In all games, the first and most important thing is to read the instructions. Once you have a good understanding, you can analyze well which cards are strong to play that game. With Catte too, you should fully understand the rules when playing to make the best choice.
  • Keep calm: This is a game that requires skillful tactics. Therefore, you need to keep calm while playing. Only when you have a “cold head” can you consider the opponent’s cards and playing style carefully. From there, you can choose the style that is right for you.
  • Allocate appropriate time: Casinos will have a long playing time, making people easily frustrated and make wrong decisions. So you need to allocate time to play cards and win as quickly as possible.
  • Change tactics dynamically: Gamers should not use only one way of fighting, but change depending on the situation. Changing tactics keeps players from getting caught and leaves opponents defenseless.
  • Practice regularly: Besides learning from the above experiences, nothing can make you a fast master other than practice. Through each match, gamers will draw lessons for themselves. From there, you will have more experience in playing cards and applying the following matches.
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The secret to playing great Catte from the master

The above article has guided How to play Catte at the dealer Hi88 help newbies to progress as quickly as possible. Hope you can apply successfully and win. Wish the gamers have moments of great entertainment!

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