The easiest way to win the lottery for bettors

Lottery is a form of entertainment that must be familiar to those who have a passion for betting. Most players often turn to simple lottery because of the attractive rewards and high value it brings. Let’s NHÀ CÁI NEW88 Follow the article below to clearly understand what cross-lottery is and what it isHow to play lottery easily to win When you participate in betting.

What is the concept of cross lotteries?

What is cross lotteries? Parcel lottery is known as one of the ways to play that brings great efficiency and extremely high odds. Cross lottery applies when you play a lottery consisting of 2 digits in the range from 00 to 99 and the result is in the last position of the drawn prizes in the daily lottery results table.

Specifically, what is cross lotteries? then they mean a skewer made up of 2 or 3 numbers and even up to 4 numbers. If the results you predict match the results of that day’s lottery table, it means you have won the bet.

What is the probability of winning the lottery easily?

For the Northern lottery, there will usually be 27 prizes corresponding to 27 numbers. As for the Central and Southern lottery numbers, there will be 18 prizes and 18 numbers.

The actual probability of winning the Northern lottery when winning an average number is 21.5%. For lottery number 2, lottery number 3 and lottery number 4, there will be a specific probability calculation as follows.

  • Probability of winning the 2nd round of cross-lottery: 21.5% x 21.5% = 4.6%
  • Probability of winning the 3rd round of skew lottery: 21.5% x 21.5% x 21.5% = 0.994%
  • Probability of winning the 4th round of skew lottery: 21.5% x 21.5% x 21.5% x 21.5% = 0.02%
  • The odds for easily winning the Northern lottery number 2 are 1:10. That means if you bet 2,000 VND, when you win, you will receive 2,000 x 10 = 20,000 VND.
  • The odds to easily bet on the southern lotto number 2 are 1:650. That means when you bet on a lottery point of 2,000 VND, your winning bet will be 2,000 x 650 = 1,300,000 VND.
  • The odds to easily bet on 2 Central region lotteries are 1:30. That means if you bet 2,000 VND, when you win, you will receive 2,000 x 30 = 60,000 VND.

Some popular types of skewers that you should know

Currently, there are many types of cross lotteries created but mainly include 3 main types such as cross lotteries 2, cross lotteries 3 and cross lotteries 4. Each type of cross lotteries will have different playing methods, so please pay special attention. .

Slot lot 2

Lottery 2 is a form of play that is not too complicated and very simple, especially for new players. When playing lotto 2, you just need to choose your 2 favorite numbers between 00 and 99. Then, you will bet an amount that suits your financial ability. .

The odds of winning a cross lotteries depend on where you place your bet and will have different odds, but usually the 2nd cross lotteries will win 10 times more. For example, you bet on 2 numbers: 22, 44 and the bet is 50,000 VND. If the lottery results match these two numbers, you will win the lottery and receive a reward of 500,000 VND.

Cross lot 3

For the 3-way lottery, you will choose 3 random numbers that you like and the numbers range from 00 to 99. If in the lottery results table, the prizes at the end have 3 numbers. If the numbers match your bet, you will win. The odds of cross 3 are higher than cross 2 and the bet is 40 times higher.

For example, you bet on your 3 favorite numbers: 11, 22 and 44. If 3 numbers appear in the lottery results table that match the numbers you bet on, it will be considered a win. If you bet 50,000 VND, when you win you will win 2,000,000 VND.

Slot lot 4

The winning rate of 4-way lotto is quite low and mostly depends on each person’s luck. However, the payout level of 4-way lottery is extremely high compared to the bet you invested. Specifically, you choose your 4 favorite numbers and then determine the bet between the numbers 00 and 99.
See :

If the results of that day’s lottery table match the 4 numbers you predicted, you will be considered a winner. The odds of you receiving a reward are 100 times the initial bet you invested.

For example, you choose for yourself 4 numbers: 11, 22, 44 and 55. If the results in the lottery table appear all 4 numbers, you will be counted as winning the 4-way lottery. If you spend 50,000 VND, when you win you will receive 5,000,000 VND.

Some ways to play lottery are easy to win, simple and most effective

To easily win bets in playing lottery, you should refer to the easy-to-win methods of playing lottery from experts. Here are some easy-to-win and effective methods of playing cross-lottery from veteran players.

Guess the pair of numbers according to the pair of numbers that often win together

This prediction method is widely used and widely applied by many people. To be able to successfully apply this method, you need to collect all the lottery results available on the day. Normally, pairs that often appear and go together in a lottery table such as 32 and 23, 17 and 44, 19 and 33, 42 and 22, 09 and 77, 30 and 00, 21 and 12, 55 and 88…

Based on frequency of appearance

This is one of the methods applied by players recently. This method is based on scientific calculations and has very high accuracy. To apply this method, you need to compile statistics on the appearance of lottery numbers within the last 15 days of the daily lottery results table.

Then, you will calculate according to the formula to find the frequency of appearance of each number. Once you have carefully calculated, you will choose numbers with higher odds to create a betting pair for the next day. The time to raise a lot must not exceed 7 days and if you do not win, continue calculating and starting from the beginning.

Calculate the cross lottery according to the results of prize 7

For this 7 lottery solution method, you can apply it to all Northern lotteries, Southern lotteries and Central lotteries. By considering the 7th prize of the lottery results, for the Central and Southern regions, consider the normal 7th prize, while the North chooses the first 7th prize that appears. Then, you will use this number combined with the first or last 2 numbers of the special prize to create a pair of skewed numbers to bet on the next day.


So, you guys joined us to learn about cross lotteries as well as how to play cross lotteries easily to win. Hope you can take advantage of these methods to bring high winning rates.

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