Is Gold Bullion Real Gold?

It can be difficult to determine whether buy gold bullion Sydney products are genuine. Some may have purity marks and serial numbers but the gold may not be real. Also, fake gold bars or coins may contain heavy metals and have no purity markings. There are several tests that can help you determine whether gold bullion products are real.

Tests to determine if gold is real

There are several tests you can perform to determine whether a gold coin is real. One of them is comparing the sound of the coins with the sounds made by other metals. Gold makes a high-pitched sound when struck, while base metals make dull sounds. You can even do a test on your own at home if you are unsure about whether the gold coins you have are genuine.

Another test you can perform involves checking the size and weight of the gold coins. Because gold is one of the densest metals on the planet, it has very specific physical properties. Therefore, if you find a gold coin that is smaller or lighter than its real counterpart, it’s probably a fake.

Another common test you can perform to determine if gold bullion is genuine is the bite test. You may have seen those movies where people bite into pieces of gold. This is the same test, except you must be very careful as it can damage your teeth. This method can also be used to test the gold of your jewelry.

A good gold acid test is another effective test to determine the purity of gold. This acid reacts with gold but can damage other metals, so you should only use it if you are sure your gold is pure. However, nitric acid can also react with copper alloys, so be careful and only use a piece of gold that’s non-magnetic. You should also wear protective eyewear and rubber gloves to protect your skin.

Common sources of counterfeit gold bullion

One of the most common sources of counterfeit buy gold bars Melbourne is online. These items are usually made in China and are marketed as gold plated tungsten. They are made in bulk and are sold on the open market. Because of this, it is vital to choose reputable dealers.

Piracy is also a major source of counterfeit gold bullion. Several different countries are involved in this activity. Many of these countries do not have strict regulation in place, and they often allow forged products to enter the market. However, the Shanghai Gold Exchange regulates the gold market and enforces strict storage regulations. Piracy of major brands is also a common source of counterfeit gold, which is why consumers should only buy gold bars from reputable dealers.

One way to tell if a gold product is fake is to check the serial number. Many counterfeit products are sold in blister packs that are not properly sealed. If a gold bullion item doesn’t have a serial number, it is probably fake. You can spot a fake by examining the gold’s serial number and its quality.


A trustworthy gold bullion dealer will be accredited by the World Gold Council, so you can be sure that the products you buy are genuine. Accredited traders are less likely to sell fake gold because they handle large quantities of gold bullion products every day. These dealers are also closer to the mints and receive products directly from them.

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