Julia Black Was a Business Insider in College

As a former M&A banker and best-selling journalist, Julia Black has been a relentless voice in the media, pushing the White House for the truth. Her new book, Business Insider, is the result of 18 terrible hours, during which she covered the scandal and the shady business practices of some of the world’s largest corporations. The author is not only an experienced business journalist, she has been a reporter for ABC7 News in the days and weeks that followed the September 11th attacks.

The article, which Black authored for the online publication Business Insider, is a revealing look at Portnoy’s past as a serial sexual assaulter. Portnoy has long denied the allegations, but the article reveals that he did have an agenda to tell. Regardless of what his motivations are, Julia Black is likely to be the target of the next NBC News exposé.

Despite the allegations that Julia Black is a sexist, the article was written with a tone that sounded demeaning to some. The claims that Portnoy had sexual intercourse with several women without their consent were extremely unfounded. As a result, Barstool Sports’ founder Dave Portnoy has filed a libel lawsuit against Julia Black and Business Insider.

Nevertheless, her article on Barstool Sports is far from the only report accusing the business magnate of sexual misconduct. The Insider report was the first of its kind to make the claims public, as a result of a video posted on Twitter by Portnoy. While Portnoy did not address every accusation against Black, her video suggests that the magazine was biased in favor of her political affiliation.

The Business Insider article was met with fierce criticism, mainly because Portnoy called it a “hit piece.” However, the reporter’s stance was largely uncontested. Business Insider has never denied the accusations against her, but Black’s video was widely shared by her critics and followers. The article’s comments on Portnoy’s video were accompanied by screenshots that she said reflected her political views.

Portnoy’s reaction to the article was swift and angry. He responded by tweeting and publishing a lengthy response, announcing that he would sue Julia Black for sexual misconduct. He also shared more screenshots. In the meantime, he is suing Insider for defamation. But will Insider ever pay for the truth? That is unclear, but he is going to try.

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