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If you’re looking for a movie review, you’ve come to the right place. In this Pushpa review, we’ll discuss what the film is like, as well as how it fares as a Super-Duper Hit. It’s important to note that while Pushpa has a long runtime (180 minutes), it’s essentially MASSTERTAINMENT, and as such, is a good choice for families.

In this two-part series, allu Arjun, played by Allu Arjun, leads a group of smugglers in search of red sanders, a rare wood found in the Seshachalam Hills in Andhra Pradesh. But the journey is a tough one, with cops, smugglers, and even love interests. But when a love interest (Rashmika Mandanna) shows up to help Pushpa in his pursuit of his dreams, the audience will cheer him on.

While the story is a formula to portray the journey from poor man to crowned king, Sukumar excels at writing his characters and executing the grand scale of the film with style. But while the film is a little slow in its execution, its cinematography and production value make up for it. The film’s editing and VFX work are mediocre. So, while the film has good cinematography and a decent cast, it’s hard to find a fault with it.

In my opinion, Pushpa is all about Allu Arjun. He delivers a dazzling performance. The second half is gripping, but could’ve been trimmed by several minutes. Director Sukumar is an absolute genius, but he should have kept the film’s running time in check, since the storyline drags in some places. While the acting is good, the film’s pacing is slow at times, making it unsuitable for viewers who prefer a more linear story. The story of Pushpa isn’t worth the price of admission, but it does offer mass moments for fans.

While I am not a huge fan of CG characters, I do enjoy a good action film with a good story line. This storyline is engaging and entertaining and it has a strong emotional quotient, with the most heart-rending moments coming during the intermission. In fact, the best scene in the first half occurs in the intermission, and I don’t even want to spoil the surprise!

During the final episode of the movie, Pushpa joins Konda Reddy’s posse and starts to act like a man. He is a natural at attracting the attention of cops. He ends up killing his own brother-in-law Mogileesu and is subsequently promoted to a big man. Pushpa also marries Srivalli, a woman with whom he shares a bloody history.

During the first half of the movie, Pushpa finds himself in a situation where he has to make a large payment to get out of the daily wage job. The film revolves around Pushpa’s smuggling business and the heroine, Srivalli (Rashmika Mandanna). In addition to Pushpa’s role in the movie, he also falls in love with Srivalli, a woodcutter, despite the risky business. As he tries to hide red sandalwood from the police, the film shows a lot of emotion in the story.

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