The Benefits of Fastag Recharge for Busy Commuters

Long gone are the days when people actually used to worry about carrying loose cash in order to pay at toll plazas. However, since the onset of Fastag technology, the tables have turned. Travelling, especially for busy commuters, has become quite time-saving and easy with an online Fastag.

Moreover, in the current times, it is mandatory to have a Fastag affixed to your windscreen; otherwise, you’ll have to pay double the fees at the toll plazas. However, this technology has made things relatively easy as it can be recharged easily via the right application on your smartphone.

What is Fastag?

It is an electronic toll collection system used on highways in our country. Now, to understand it in the easiest way, it is basically a small tag like a sticker affixed to your vehicle’s windshield.

So therefore, when your vehicle passes through a toll plaza, the toll amount is deducted automatically from the linked bank account. Your car doesn’t even have to stop, and the Fastag is scanned via the RFID technology from the prepaid account associated.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology reduces congestion at toll plazas by making the collection process faster and more convenient for commuters.

What are the Benefits of Fastag Recharge for Busy Commuters?

●      Instant Payments

Fastag Recharge online helps commuters pay tolls without having to stop at the toll plaza. This is because of instant payments that save time and reduces congestion on highways.

●      Saves Time

With a Fastag affixed to the vehicle’s windscreen, the person behind the wheel doesn’t have to stop the vehicle at toll plazas. This ultimately saves a lot of your precious time.

●      National Coverage

These Fastags are accepted at toll plazas across the nation. This makes it a hassle-free and convenient option for commuters travelling across different states and cities.

How to recharge a Fastag?

Here, I’d like to share my personal experience to make it easy for all the readers. I opted for a Fastag via the Bajaj Finserv application, and believe me, it is one of the best platforms to avail this facility. It is convenient and easy to use.

  1. Download the Bajaj Finserv application from the Play Store/App Store.
  2. Sign up by entering your mobile number
  3. Go to the Bills & Recharges section.
  4. Under the Recharge section, tap on FASTag.
  5. Select your provider.
  6. Enter your Vehicle Registration Number or Wallet ID
  7. After entering the required details, you’ll see your current balance and maximum allowable payment.
  8. Just below it, you need to enter your recharge amount.
  9. Tap on Proceed to Pay, and your Fastag will recharge within seconds.
  10. After you register here, you’ll easily see your FASTag balance.


If you travel often, then make sure that you use the facility of fastag recharge online for a smoother experience. This saves a lot of your time as well as cuts down all the hassle of carrying cash unnecessari

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