What to look for when buying dresses online?

When choosing clothes in the store, you have the opportunity to clearly see and try on the thing you like. When buying dresses online, we are forced to trust the description and photo. It is difficult to understand how the thing will sit, whether it will be comfortable in it and whether the size will fit.

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The size

Now the dimensional grids are “blurred”. Foreign brands sew according to their sizes, and in general, manufacturers have learned to “flatter” their customers – they often artificially underestimate the size number on the websites with dresses.

Under these conditions, the only guideline is the size in centimeters. Get yourself a measuring tape and measure yourself in front of a mirror. In order not to miss the size of clothes, you need to match your key girths with the manufacturer’s size grid. You can ask managers in Milla online shop to give all the detentions you need.

When choosing women’s dresses, the bust circumference will be the most important parameter. It is measured by the prominent points of the chest in the bra that you usually wear.

It is also important to look at growth. Most products are sewn for medium height. For women, this is 170-176 centimeters, for men – 182-188. Usually, difficulties with landing arise when the height differs by ten centimeters or more.


Women’s figures are diverse, but mass manufacturers sew things to the “average standard”. To evaluate from a photo how this style suits you, you need to compare your figure with the figure of the model in this image.

Large breasts, a belly, bulging hips, and bulky shoulders are normal features of a female figure, but they need to be remembered when you look at a pretty dress. Even if the size of the woman in the photo matches yours in one place, it can be drastically different in another.


On the Internet, you cannot feel the fabric, but this barrier can be overcome if you learn to “read” the composition of the product.

  • Natural fabrics – cotton, linen, wool, silk – are comfortable to wear and pleasant to the touch, but pretty wrinkle. Viscose is similar in properties to them, although it is not a natural fiber.
  • Synthetic fabrics – polyester, nylon, acrylic, polyester – do not wrinkle, but the body will sweat and “get tired” in them.
  • A good choice is mixed compositions. Most people will not feel the synthetic impurities in the product if their percentage is below 30. Such a thing will wrinkle less and last longer.

Remember, that in Milla online dress shop you can find the perfect dress of any size, texture, and style. Just choose the one for you, get free delivery, and enjoy compliments on your looks.

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